How to use Essential GPS


One page How to Use eGPS Summary
Our “straight to the point” 1 page summary to get you up and running quickly with the eGPS system.
eGPS brief instruction sheet.pdf

eGPS instruction manual v2.2
Includes one page summary as well as details on all features.
eGPS product manual v2.2 04-12-2015.pdf

Manage GPS for your whole squad
Guide to managing a large squad of players with eGPS bulk workbook tool.
eGPS bulk manual v2.0 06-11-2015.pdf

Video on processing game data
Showing how to download and process game data using eGPS template
watch at YouTube

eGPS Template File
Template that imports and synthesises the data, producing graphs and stats.
eGPS template v2.2.xlsm

eGPS bulk template
Import from multiple raw data files, summarise existing data, produce consolidated team pitch map.
eGPS bulk v2.1.xlsm

Revision history
Summary of changes since first release.
Revision History

for units pre November 2015
Check the back of your eGPS unit.  If it does not have v2 written on the bottom of the sticker, then follow link to read about free firmware upgrade:
Firmware upgrade

If you need some more assistance in using your eGPS, CLICK HERE to send us an email

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