Line Judge for Cricket

Line Judge for cricket detects if any part of a bowler’s foot lands behind the popping crease and gives instant feedback via beep alert, red-green indicator or other remote display in a practice environment.

Accurate feedback, delivered immediately the foot hits the ground allows a bowler to quickly learn how to bowl from behind the line.

Most coaches agree overstepping during training is not a good habit:

  • It may increase the incidence of no-balls during match conditions, costing wickets, runs, free hits, irritating captains and team mates, etc.
  • It affects the practice of length and the associated release point in the bowling action.
  • It affects the quality of the practice for batters too, including how they learn about watching ball release and judgement of length.
  • If the bowler can learn to bowl behind the line, then he or she can approach the line with energy and confidence, which may increase pace and performance.
  • The ability to bowl consistently behind the line may result in more lbw and caught behind decisions as umpires will spend less attention on the line and more at the batter’s end.

Line judge is powered by AA batteries, uses invisible light beams to detect foot position and does not interfere with the playing surface.  It sets up in just a few seconds and can be used on all surfaces by players at all levels of the game.

This line judge also has a mode for long jump and can be used for training, as well as officiating in this event.

There has never been a product like this in cricket before.  To help determine demand, establish a network of like-minded people, and cover production set-up costs the Line Judge will be put to crowd-funding shortly.  Please share info about this project so that we can make it happen.  If you send in your name and email via the form below we will send updates when the campaign is about to begin.


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